“Disruptive innovation can hurt, if you are not the one doing the disrupting.”

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We promise to provide our devoted consulting services considering your company visions and goals to help you preserve your treasured online prestige.

Automation and AI

The most significant tool that you would have in the coming future is automation. Put on a spurt to your IT operations with artificial intelligence and escalate growth of your business. 360DT guarantees that your best practices including security is fully automated.

Cloud and DevOps

Want to speed up your software release cycle and enhance autonomy within your teams?
We provide a helping hand to achieve more speed, flexibility, and simplicity with more effective and efficient IT. Unlock the full potential of cloud with us.

Data Engineering

Embrace an all new and modern data architecture with 360 DT. We support you move to new data platforms such as Hadoop and Serverless technologies. Volume, Variety, and Velocity can all be tamed with the right set of tools and engineers like us.

Full Stack Development

Make a splash in the world of business with contemporary open source technologies. Harvest from disruptive alternatives and market dynamics. We advocate adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement.

Quality Engineering

We have experts in the field of quality engineering who make sure your services are of top notch quality and are preferred by all your customers. We manage, develop, operate and maintain IT systems and enterprise architectures with a high quality standard.

Product Management

Experience exceptional product leadership with 360DT. With our agile product management and consulting services, we boost your product mechanics that creates value for both your business and your customers.

Most trusted IT consulting company known for creating customer centric solutions

We believe that the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do and we are happy to show you the steps towards disruption.
Let us take care of your digital transformation from beginning to the end.


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Few of our dedicated work

A Political Election Analytics Company

The company needed to manage and track the social and news profile of a political candidate who was participating in an upcoming election claims.

Our 360DT team build a complete platform using Spark Streaming, MongoDB, D3js and Big Data. The sources used were Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Text mining from leading news websites. Real-time data analytics and fully responsive front-end for support in multiple formats were prepared. Interactive and rich filtering options for each visualisation was provided.

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A chain of fast food restaurant

The team wanted to implement a solution for performing data analytics on Click stream data that would be generated by Google Analytics tool and would provide recommendations to the online user. They also wished to leverage the framework of AWS.

The execution plan was divided into three phases. With distributed Scrum as the Agile Execution Methodology, 360DT team started development and churning outputs in sprints. AWS Cloud Production Environment was setup and Cloud Formation scripts were created with continuous Monitoring, Logging and Alerts setup to ensure system health.

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