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Established in 2016

We laid our foundation in 2016 with the notion of “GET AHEAD TODAY”. We are swiftly climbing the ladders of success by providing our skilled services in AI /Machine Learning, Data Analytics and many more.

Successfully organized 500+ workshops

We have organized more than 500 workshops on a plethora of topics such as data analytics, blockchain, Full Stack development etc. and are looking forward for many more.

360DT, an intellectual powerhouse

To reinvent your digital experience, a number of globally renowned data and tech professionals are combining training and services at different locations.

Over 1000+ trainers

We have a dedicated team of trainers spread across the globe working collectively towards achieving a common goal of client gratification..

All over the Globe

We have clients present at a number of locations like US, UK, UAE, Germany, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka to name a few.

7500+ hours of experience

We are proud to complete almost 7500 hours of successful training sessions at different locations on a number of industry specific topics.

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We Offer Corporate training & Consulting services

In 2016, Mr. Vikas Mittal founded 360 Digital Transformation with the vision to transform businesses who have been struggling to adopt new technologies and individuals who are eager to hone their skills. With the passing years it has emerged as one of the brightest companies which has been providing training, coaching and consulting services to more than 400 minds from varied fields.
Vikas Mittal's dedicated, sincere and zealous attitude has made 360 DT one of the most promising AI institutes in India.


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We at 360DT are swiftly climbing the ladder of success by providing our skilled services in AI /Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Block-chain, and more. Digital Transformation begins with data and 360DT is an intellectual powerhouse where globally renowned data and tech professionals are combining services and training to reinvent your digital experience.

  • One of the top 10 AI Institute in India
  • Trainers based on your preferences
  • A big network of 1000+ Trainers across globe
  • Our average training score exceeds 4.5 out of 5

Meet our team

We are a team of highly qualified professionals with a significant industry experience eager to help you.

India HQ

360 Digital Transformation
14D, Block ED Pitam Pura,
New Delhi-110034 India
Phone: +91-9871351584

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2 Brenton Hall Office,
Chester Road, Bretton,
Chester, England,

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Scottsdale, Arizona
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