cloud computing advance

Course Features

Skill level:



 2 Months



Practical Ratio:

 30 : 70





Course Details

This course is designed to help you master your skills in Google Cloud Platform, its products & services. It starts with basics of Cloud Computing & GCP infrastructure & ends with Containers & their orchestration. This instructor-led course is aimed at providing in-depth understanding of all GCP services in Storage, Networking, Databases, App Engine, Security, Virtual Machines etc.This special course is designed for students & working professionals who want to step their career in Artificial Intelligence & be part of the elite digital community with lucrative salary packages & exciting work opportunities. The course is focused from foundation skills like SQL, Python, Unix etc to in depth knowledge of Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms & with a lot of practical hands-on & project works aligned with the industry use cases & challenges. The participants would be also trained on Communication Skills & all necessary things like Resume Building, Interview Preparation would be taken care by 360DT team. This is a Job Guarantee course offered by 360DT, where in a participant needs to clear an assessment criterion with eligibility conditions.


Knowledge & familiarity with basics of Cloud Computing would be beneficial.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, you should be able to :

  • Gain a deep insight about Google Cloud Platform Products & services.
  • Develop, implement & deploy solutions.
  • Work with Compute Engine, Cloud Storage & Big Query GCP Services.
  • Underst& Basics of Big Data & Machine Learning services of GCP.
  • Develop knowledge of solution patterns.
  • Ability to clear the GCP Cloud Architect Certification.


  • Cloud Computing Basic
  • GCP Infrastructure
  • Computer Resources
  • Networking Service
  • Storage & Database Offering
  • Bigdata & AI
  • Manage GCP using GCP Console
  • GCP environment using Gcloud
  • GCP environment using Gsutil
  • GCP environment using Cloud Shell
  • Installing & Configuring cloud SDK
  • Control GCP environment using CLI
  • Cloud Virtual Network
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Gateway / Proxies & Endpoints
  • Network/Subnetwork
  • Port Mapping, Linking & Mounting
  • DNS Resolution
  • Firewalls & Routes
  • Cloud Router
  • Interconnecting networks
  • Security aspect
  • Understanding IAM
  • Understanding Organizations, Roles, Members, Service Accounts
  • Policy Hierarchy
  • Different Roles & Permission
  • Creating Custom Role
  • Basic IAM APIs
  • Best Practices
  • Key Management Systems
  • Key Management Systems
  • Data Security
  • Auditing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Controls
  • Understand Computer Engine
  • Computer Options specific to Workload
  • Persistent disk – HDD,SSD
  • Load Balancing
  • Common Computer Engine Actions
  • Cloud Storage – Nearline, Coldline
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Pros & Cons of Storage Options
  • Choosing Storage Options
  • Billing aspect of Storage Options
  • Tradeoff of Storage Options
  • Integration with multi cloud/on premises environment
  • Containers & their benefits
  • Container Registry, Kubernetes Engine
  • Using Kubernetes Load Balancing
  • How to use Kubernetes Engine, App Engine or Containers on Computer Engine
  • Dataflow Service
  • Stream & Batch Processing
  • Apache Beam SDK
  • Monitoring with Stackdriver
  • Data transformation with Cloud Data flow
  • Create, Manage & Delete Cluster using Dataproc
  • Automation of jobs using APIs
  • Infrastructure Automation, Images, Metadata, Scripts, Google Cloud API
  • Cloud Pub/Sub, API Management
  • Cloud Functions, Cloud Source Repositories, Speciality APIs
  • App Engine
  • Using Google Stackdriver (Integration, Monitoring, Logging, Error reporting, Tracing)
  • Setup CI/CD
  • Deploy Application & Create deployment pipeline in Jenkins
  • Setting up Jenkins on Container engine
  • Create & Deploy on Cluster
  • Troubleshooting & Analysis
  • v
  • Collect & Analyse Metrics
  • Choose & Evaluate an Automation Framework for Provisioning Resources in Cloud
  • Design Strategy
  • Create Migration Plan
  • Understand Mountkirk Games case Study
  • Understand JencoMart case study
  • Understand TerramEarth case study